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“Lowell is just a caring person. Actually, when I first met him I passed by a home that had his name posted. From there, I gave him a call and found him to be very professional. He was not concerned about what he was going to make. He had a good heart. I didn’t feel he was out there to harm or use me, but rather to help. I would use him again for the sale of another home.” —Evelyn M.

“I liked the fact that Lowell worked hard for me. He kept the focus on what I wanted. He was considerate of my needs and very kind. He kept me up to date on the progress of the sale. I have bought several properties through Lowell. He is just an honest, conscientious Realtor.” —Joanne D.

“Lowell told us the advantages and disadvantages of certain buys. I was a first-time buyer. I liked him.” —Anna L.

“Lowell had the patience and the time to take us around. Even though it took us a long time, he was still there for us.” —Anthony A.

“Lowell was very courteous and attentive. He helped us.” —Benny J.

“Lowell kept me informed on every step of the process and with every problem we had. I refer people to him and I keep going back.” —Bill B.

“Lowell was so patient.” —Christine G.

“Lowell did a good job of helping me find what I was looking for. He also helped me through the process of getting it done.” —David D.

“Lowell was very professional in the way that he handled the whole transaction.” —Sheri R.

“Lowell is really careful. He tells us the truth as to what we need to know. Lowell is a wonderful human being.” —Diane K.

“Lowell was very helpful in getting a house for my mother. He was both considerate and thorough.” —Ed M.

“I’ve used Lowell twice. He is honest. Honesty is rare in that business. He attended to all of our needs and was able to address all of our specific questions and concerns.” —Eugene A.

“Lowell is a great guy.” —George C.

“Lowell has a very nice personality. He does a good job and that’s the main thing.” —Gerda V.

“Lowell was very sincere. I bought the house through him and had trust in him. I felt totally comfortable with him.” —Hiroko Y.

“I love to work with Lowell. He really takes care of the client first. He never pressures or pushes me. Lowell is different than all the other commission-based agents.” —Inda L.

“Lowell just gets the job done.” —Willa F.

“I appreciated Lowell service. He was very professional.” —Janis G.

“His honesty and his encouragement” —Katharine M.

“Lowell was very thorough. He solved my problem. He was a very kind and friendly man. I hated leaving the state because of him. He was very honest.” —Jeannette P.

“I thought that Lowell was honest and trusting. He was always available and he always returned my calls.” —Kari B.

“Lowell was friendly and understood what we wanted and needed.” —Beverly H.

“Lowell is the nicest person and the best Realtor I’ve dealt with, and that’s quite few. I’m seventy years old.” —Leslie T.

“Lowell had a lot information and knowledge. He was able to answer all of our questions honestly and promptly.” —Maria R.

“Lowell is just very professional and easy to work with.” —Mike H.

“Lowell is a really easy-going guy. He listens to what his client wants. He is not pushy. Overall, I am totally satisfied. He went out of his way to help me.” —Nannette S.

“Integrity, knowledge of right and wrong in the industry, market knowledge, and follow through, Lowell is the best. We had some issues surrounding our third home after closure. He went way beyond the call of duty.” —Carrie E.

“Lowell was personable, honest, and straightforward. He gave us all the pluses and minuses.” —Marcia B.

“Lowell offers excellent customer service.” —Primo P.

“The service is the best. Lowell is a nice person too.” —Quang P.

“Lowell is kind of a family guy. He is pretty easy-going and congenial. There is no pressure. Overall, he is very good.” —Eleanor A.

“Lowell is not pushy. He listens to what you want to do. He’s got integrity. He’s a good guy.” —Sam A.

“Its Lowells personality, knowledge, and completeness, he knows how to market a house. He strives to be the best.” —Joann S.

"Lowell was pretty honest. He told us what he really thought our house was worth. My other agent had priced it too high, wouldn’t tell me anything, and didn’t have an open house for six weeks. He came in and gave it a price. He’s a kind person and he’s smart. He knows what he’s doing because he’s been doing it for a long time. After just weeks and three open houses, he sold it.” —Theresa C.

"Lowell was responsive. He showed me a variety of homes that I asked for. The staff was gone late at night when we concluded the transaction. It was a quick decision on my part. He handled the paperwork himself. Within an hour, it was completed. He was very efficient and polite.” —Carolyn L.

“Lowell was involved and most importantly he communicates.” —Charles S.

“Lowell was very personable and he knew his business.” —Sharon H.

“Lowell didn’t paint pictures of glory. He told me how it actually was.” —Don R.

“Lowell was very attentive and knowledgeable.” —Christine C.

“Integrity” —Maggie A.

“Lowells genuineness in trying to work out the situation” —Mimi P.

“Lowell is very down to earth.” —Karlene H.

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